Hero Generation Commonwealth

"To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, judgment, and equity..."

Optimizing the way we study

We focus on reading classic books, participating in class discussions, doing individualized projects and learning while having FUN in mind!  Our classes are designed specially for the age group and children attending.  We pride ourselves on being flexible and able to approach learning with the ability to specialize it to the group of students and their needs.  This is a parent based learning group, parents are required to be proactive in our classes, and in their children's education.  There is no greater reward than watching these kids learn, grow and become!  We are all Mentors to our children and the children in our group. 
We are close knit group and a bit like an extended family. 












Individual Approach To All

We enjoy the freedom to "Mentor" instead of "Teach".  What does this mean? 

"The professor/expert tells the students, invites them to conform to certain ideas and standards, and grades or otherwise rewards/punishes them for their various levels of conformity.

In contrast, the mentor finds out the student’s goals, interests, talents, weaknesses, strengths and purpose, and then helps him develop and carry out a plan to prepare for his unique mission." {TJED.org}

We know the importance of individualizing education for each student.  Mentors develop relationships with students, help them set goals, and enjoy watching them learn and grow in a positive environment.  Come and see for yourself what a Leadership education looks like in action!